N1DP Athleisure and Sportswear: The New In-Style

by Emmanuel Pierre-Louis on Oct 15, 2020

N1DP Athleisure and Sportswear: The New In-Style

As we all know, wearing athleisure and sportswear gives us a unique feeling: being comfortable while also being trendy. Knowing this, our brand has created pieces that can be worn across occasions; whether you’re out and about running errands, practicing your craft, going to a game, or even hanging with your friends, our sportswear is here to make you feel confident, just as a Number 1 Draft Pick would.


N1DP is dedicated to all sports fans and players achieving to be Number 1. With this mission, our biggest focus was to create clothes that would make you feel stylish and powerful. We provide the highest quality clothing that provides compression and wicks perspiration off your skin -- so you don’t have to worry about grabbing the sweat towel.


Let’s break down 5 different ways you can live in N1DP:


  1. Heading out the door fast but want to complete your look?

Try throwing on one of our N1DP Caps. Our caps are a great final touch on any outfit.


  1. Need something casual and easy to style? Don’t worry, we have your back:

You can look fresh in our quality assured Cotton T’s. Made to make you feel comfortable while also encouraging others to be the Number 1 version of themselves.


  1. Tired of sweating through your clothes? Trust us, we’ve all been there.

Our Dri-Fit shirts were made to fix this problem. We use quality fabrics 100% polyester to ensure the best fit and sweat shield for you.


  1. Have a night out on the town but want to show off your sporty side?

Our Women's Gear was formulated to make you feel empowered and trendy in your favorite sportsgear.

  1. We can’t forget about the classic Football Jersey -- a staple in every sports fan's lives! Our jerseys are unlike any other companies: they hint at the fact that you are the Number 1 player, not anyone else! 

We are a brand dedicated to being versatile, making clothes that make you stand out, and helping you feel like the Number 1 version of yourself. Who said you can’t mix fashion with passion? We think otherwise. Every athlete, kid or adult, deserves to feel like they are the Number 1 Draft Pick-- because if you don’t who will?


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N1DP: A Multi-Generational Brand

 Here at N1DP, our goal is to make athletes of all ages strive to be the Number 1 version of themselves. Though, we know that striving to be the best is not only a mindset, but a lifestyle. Our brand makes clothes that speak to multiple generations, whether it’s a child who wants to become a pro-athlete one day, a father/mother who love gearing up as a family and watching the Superbowl, or maybe an athlete who is tired of wearing typical sports-gear that costs a fortune. Why not buy new and feel new and iconic.



This is why we believe in the power of sports to bring us together and to live our lives in a more purposeful way. Sports often make us more diligent, a better team member, and more communicative; all of which will help anyone at any point in their lives. You are never too old or too young to start learning these lifestyle habits that will push you to become the Number 1 version of yourself.


As a multi-generation brand, we are here to help you connect with your loved ones through our apparel. It all starts with you! If you are feeling your best, the people around you will follow-- especially children who want to look up to someone. This is why our clothes represent the drive to excel every day, to push your boundaries, and strive to become better!


Our Founder’s Vision:

N1DP clothing is for all athletes, no matter your age. This apparel is worn and loved by NBA, NFL, and NHL athletes and every kid who inspires to be like them. My long-term goal is "To make sure that EVERYONE feels proud to wear our products. The goal is not to convince people that they're going to be a NUMBER 1 DRAFT PICK, but to let everyone know that if your efforts are that of a NUMBER 1 DRAFT PICK, or you're just in the backyard playing a pick-up game with your daughter or son, then you're already considered a part of the N1DP family. I take pride in the fact that every individual piece produced by N1DP is a reflection of my pursuit to help every athlete put their best foot forward. The only thing left, is for you to go get it."


Interested in leveling up your wardrobe and learning how to inspire the people around you to be their Number 1 selves?


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How Stretching can Impact your Performance for the Better


Stretching is the one thing that many athletes fail to do-- which always comes back to haunt them. Since we are an apparel brand built for athletes, we want to make sure you are stretching correctly both before and after your training sessions so you can strive to be the best athlete you can be and avoid injuries!


Below you’ll find groundbreaking data that supports our claim that stretching is a must for any athlete. According to Healthline:

1. Increases your flexibility

Regular stretching can help increase your flexibility, which is crucial for your overall health. Not only can improved flexibility help you to perform everyday activities with relative ease, but it can also help delay the reduced mobility that can come with aging.

2. Increases your range of motion

Being able to move a joint through its full range of motion gives you more freedom of movement. Stretching on a regular basis can help increase your range of motion.

One study

Trusted Source

 found that both static and dynamic stretching are effective when it comes to increasing range of motion, although proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)-type stretching, where you stretch a muscle to its limit, may be more effective for immediate gains.

3. Improves your performance in physical activities

Performing dynamic stretches prior to physical activities has been shown to help prepare your muscles

Trusted Source

 for the activity. It may also help improve your performance in an athletic event or exercise.

4. Increases blood flow to your muscles

Performing stretches on a regular basis may improve your circulation

Trusted Source

. Improved circulation increases blood flow to your muscles, which can shorten your recovery time and reduce muscle soreness (also known as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS).

5. Improves your posture

Muscle imbalances are common and can lead to poor posture. One study

Trusted Source

 found that a combination of strengthening and stretching specific muscle groups can reduce musculoskeletal pain and encourage proper alignment. That, in turn, may help improve your posture.

6. Helps to heal and prevent back pain

Tight muscles can lead to a decrease in your range of motion. When this happens, you increase the likelihood of straining the muscles in your back. Stretching can help heal an existing back injury by stretching the muscles.

A regular stretching routine can also help prevent future back pain by strengthening your back muscles and reducing your risk for muscle strain.

7. Is great for stress relief

When you’re experiencing stress, there’s a good chance your muscles are tense. That’s because your muscles tend to tighten up in response to physical and emotional stress. Focus on areas of your body where you tend to hold your stress, such as your neck, shoulders, and upper back.

8. Can calm your mind

Participating in a regular stretching program not only helps increase your flexibility, but it can also calm your mind. While you stretch, focus on mindfulness and meditation exercises, which give your mind a mental break.

9. Helps decrease tension headaches

Tension and stress headaches can interfere with your daily life. In addition to a proper diet, adequate hydration, and plenty of rest, stretching may help reduce the tension you feel from headaches.

So what’s the most effective stretches for your warm-up and cool-down?


  • 5-10 minutes of easy running
  • Runners lunge on both legs
  • Downward Dog
  • Upward Dog
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Hold each position for at least 3-4 seconds

Recommended cool-down routine:

  • 5-10 minutes of easy running
  • Seated forward bend
  • Knee to chest pose
  • Child's Pose
  • Hold each position for at least 3-4 seconds


"Never take stretching for granted, it is essential for your top performance. Make sure to share this blog post with your fellow athletes"

How to be the Number 1 Version of Yourself

 We all underestimate ourselves sometimes, but the reality is, if you underestimate yourself, everyone around you will underestimate you! Since our brand's mission is to make you feel like the Number 1 version of yourself, we are going to give you some pointers to keep in mind.


  1. Think Bigger

Every thought in your brain matters-- even if you think they don’t. Every dream you have is attainable if you put your mind to it. Most of the time, the person in the way is YOU. Don’t underplay your talent and your drive, instead use it to fuel the dreams you have in your mind.

 And while you’re at it, keep a positive mindset too.


  1. Be Accountable

As every athlete should know, accountability is everything, on and off the court/field. If you don’t keep yourself accountable, who will? When we hold ourselves accountable, we are telling ourselves that we value our time and energy.

Accountability is not a “onetime thing,” being accountable is something the Number 1 version of yourself should practice day in and day out.

Every second counts, so let’s make the most of it.


  1. Set Goals for Yourself


Nobody ever accomplished something spectacular without setting goals for themselves first. This is an act that should be second nature, especially for athletes. Though, this skill needs to be applied to every aspect of your life. Whether you are focusing on education, financial, or health, setting goals and holding yourself accountable will push you to become the best version of yourself.


Every week we like to set realistic goals for ourselves and pair them with goals we think might be a little more challenging. Once you complete your easier goals, you’ll be craving the feeling to keep succeeding.


“Set your goals high and don’t stop until you get there.”

  • Bo Jackson


  1. Create a Plan for Your Goals


So you have your goal, but what about your plan? Trust us, a goal is just an idea until you put action steps behind it. We suggest creating a plan that includes multiple milestones. These benchmarks will keep you motivated and striving for your bigger goals.


“A goal without a plan is only a dream.”

  • Brain Tracy


  1. Spend Your Time Wisely


Do you think Kobe Bryant wasted his time scrolling on his phone or staying up late watching T.V.? I think we all know the answer to that. Instead, he committed his mind and body to achieving greatness. Of course, Kobe Bryant is a unique example, but the principle remains: those who spend their time wisely, ultimately achieve more.

Start tracking how much time you are spending on your phone, watching T.V., or doing mindless things rather than putting effort into your hustle.


  1. Let Go of Past Failures


The only thing we can do with the past, is learn from it. If we are always thinking about the past, we are not in the present. If we are not in the present-- well, that means we are not getting our work done. The past no longer can define who you are, unless you allow it. Our past experiences and struggles give us the opportunity to grow, but we have to be the ones who take the offer.


Learn from your past self, even if it was just yesterday.


These six steps are key to anyone who is wanting to become the best version of themselves. It always starts and ends with YOU. You make the decision to either focus on becoming abundant or not. Every person has the agency to determine their future, they just have to keep a clear mindset, set goals, focus on keeping themselves accountable, and continue to use their time wisely. Are you ready for growth? Let’s do it!


We hope these six steps help you feel confident in your personal growth journey.


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